24 Dec A Good Case of the Mondays: My Lesson From 2014

4530153861_fd9e2a244b_bWhy is most of the talk about Monday negative? We hear this all the time, usually with the negative connotation towards work life. But Monday doesn’t have to be the bad guy – in fact, he’s tired of it. I have learned so many things this year as a startup founder. But, my main lesson from this year? You have to love Monday!

The Dreading Days

I haven’t always been an entrepreneur. I’ve worked in several industries during my first decade or so as a professional. I was part of corporate life for a while, and I put in my time working the rigid 9am-5pm+. I would mope into my bedroom on Sunday evenings, hang my suit, and iron my oxford. Eventually I would drift into a deep sleep that I prayed would never end…but the alarm always went off. So off I went to the office every Monday before the sun – and after snorting some espresso.

This is how the majority of the world feels about Mondays. They don’t like that the weekend is over. The weekend is when they do the things they really like – the fun stuff. On Saturdays and Sundays they hang around people they love. During the week these Monday-haters just have to do stuff because their boss tells them to do it. They work, but they aren’t passionate about their tasks. They accept their colleagues, but don’t really want to build friendship and rapport with them. They like the fact that they have a job, but if they could change positions/companies/industries, they’d do it. At my old job, I liked the projects but lacked the flexibility. I was working in a pretty closed culture. Work and friends were completely separate, so most relationships remained shallow (with some exceptions of course). Other things bothered me too. Dealing with corporate politics was very frustrating, especially when it caused the actual work to be delayed. Eventually, I started having doubts about the entire business model of the company.

A Good Case of the Mondays

Years later now, I have founded Treeveo. This of course comes with it’s own challenges. We deal with investors, clients, and our product. When a client calls off a deal, it’s frustrating. When an investor asks you to explain your strategy on a project (as they have every right to do), it can be challenging. Then there is the endless bureaucracy involving trivial issues like computers, phones, visas, etc. But even though the challenges are difficult, something has changed…

Monday is now officially the best day of my week! This is because I’m passionate about what I’m doing. I can’t wait to wake up and hustle – to close deals, meet amazing people, create new things with the Treeveo team. Now Sunday is the best night of the week for me. It is when I prepare my bag for Monday and get ready to go at it another week.

If you dread Monday mornings, maybe you should reevaluate a few things. Remember, you will be working all your life, so you better find something that you love doing when Monday rolls around. Not everyone should start a business, but everyone can find something they enjoying doing. This is NOT a myth – something reserved for the famous or more-fortunate. Work doesn’t have to be a hassle. It is possible to have a good case of the Mondays. I would encourage everyone to find something they can passionately pursue, and make money doing that. The sooner you decide to make a change, the better. Don’t live your life 2 days a week. Learn to look forward to Mondays, and take advantage of everyday you have.


Jeroen Kemperman

Co-Founder of Treeveo, father of 2, IESE MBA

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