Why We Built It #3 | Leader Credits– Everyone Deserves the Chance to Lead

14 Oct Why We Built It #3 | Leader Credits– Everyone Deserves the Chance to Lead

3521006248_5b44ec3aef_zIn this blog series we are highlighting specific functionalities of Treeveo and explaining why we thought we should build them. Today, we will discuss leader credits: the currency Treeveo uses to measure your leadership influence.

Leader credits defined

When you login to Treeveo, you will see a number of leader credits next to your name. Every time you delegate an item to one of your team members, you use one of your leader credits – because you effectively started leading another person. But this is not limited to how many projects you work on together. You can lead someone in one or more projects at the same time. Also, leading someone is not limited to the number of initiatives – attachments or other items in Treeveo – you delegate to them. When you lead one person, you use one leader credit.

Getting leader credits

Your basic free account starts with 5 leader credits. The more you lead, the more opportunity you have to gain these credits. We do this to promote good leadership practice and delegation, while simultaneously helping you realize amazing project results.


When you complete the tutorial, or you invite at least 3 new people to join Treeveo, you are awarded with a free leader credit. If at any time you need more leader credits, you can upgrade to a pro account that allows you to lead up to 25 people. If you need to lead a larger group of people, simply contact us so we can discuss the best plan for you and your organization.

The origin of leader credits

Our mission is to help build leaders. But Treeveo is also a SaaS company. So we are trying to create an honest revenue model. We didn’t like the idea of leaving out basic features of our product in the free version. These accounts have no additional costs on our end, so we choose to give unlimited functionality to all people for an unlimited period of time.

However, the larger the group of people you are leading with Treeveo, the more value our credits croppedproduct creates for you and your organization. As it is fair for us to offer total functionality for free, it is also fair to charge when we create value. We also charge for additional features that are unlocked with our pro-level accounts, because these features are customized and require additional labor on our side – like our templating system.

Start today: Everyone deserves the chance to lead

We are giving you 5 leader credits for free because everyone deserves the chance to lead.

So if you need to execute a project, we challenge you to remove all the clutter of complex tracking tools, and the time spent in boring meetings. Use Treeveo, and let’s really lead this thing!

Jeroen Kemperman

Co-Founder of Treeveo, father of 2, IESE MBA

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