14 Apr Collaborate or Collapse: 3 Ways to Work Better Together

Collaborate or Collapse: 3 Ways to Work Better Together

We talk about it a lot at Treeveo: How do you increase collaboration without intruding on other peoples’ work style? This style of teamwork is crucial within our own office, and is certainly key in the realm of successful project execution worldwide. Also, remote collaboration is a growing trend in project management, and there’s no evidence that it will fade out anytime soon. If it really is super effective, we need to figure it out before we get left behind.

Here’s a few tips on how to enhance collaboration in your office.

Get out of the cubicles

We all work in different environments. Some of you grind it out in a village of cubicles while others rely on cloud technology and video conferencing to stay connected with their teammates remotely. But there must be a way that we can create more productive spaces when it comes to collaboration.

There are companies that are taking progressive measures toward collaboration with the design of their office. In 2013, Zappos opened a new office in Las Vegas that was designed so that employees could easily move about the workspace without restrictions, even putting data and power extensions that hang from the ceiling so a team member is never without connection or battery. They’ve also expanded the amount of common areas so that there is more “water-cooler” interaction.

Cloud services are also becoming very prevalent. Many startups and established companies are using services like Google hangout to have connection with teammates across the room or across the world for the average 8 hours or so a day.

Use Great Tools

Newsflash. We live in the 21st century. This is a great blessing for productivity, if we chose to be proactive. At Treeveo we use (and suggest that you use) some useful tools for enhanced collaboration.

Tools to talk: We are all in the office together for less than 50% of the work week, so we use Google Hangout like a mule to stay on top of one another, behind the computer and on the go. Other alternatives include Facetime, Skype, and Share.me.

– Project management: We like to think of Treeveo as our personal “execution engager”. In our minds, we don’t just manage we execute. That’s because we have a tool that allows us to get things done with efficient collaboration, organization or tasks, and being in-the-know. This eliminates emails and politics, and enhances collaboration and productivity.

Tools for Ideas and knowledge sharing: Everyone’s office has the stash of internal stickies, reminds, and file cabinets that contain learned knowledge. So why not have somewhere other than the trash bin to organize and retain that knowledge you’ve worked hard obtaining? Treeveo is a great app for sharing knowledge and ideas. Easily share process and knowledge across your entire team by creating an initiative and getting everyone on-board. This also keeps you from reinventing the wheel because you have somewhere to store knowledge from previous projects.

Tools for sharing files and work: Dropbox and Google Drive are very helpful tools for collaborating on files within a group. If you use Treeveo, you can easily attach these documents to your task as “proof” for your work and eliminate additional complex reporting.

Get Involved…even if you have to trick yourself

It has been proven that people are much more attentive when they stand during meetings. Maybe because they are tricked into thinking the conversation is a friendly chat as opposed to a formal boardroom style meeting. This is done even more effectively if you eliminate laptops. We often do this at Treeveo because we understand that meetings around the whiteboard are much more useful than an on-stage presentation.

Also, use your internal knowledge system (think whiteboards lining the hallways, but digital) to make sure issues and solutions stay in the forefront of everyone’s mind. This will provide a more consistent level of engagement!


Do you have any tips or success stories of collaboration within your workstyle?



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