Our Fancy Leadership Framework, pt 2: Instrumental Leadership

28 Nov Our Fancy Leadership Framework, pt 2: Instrumental Leadership

bill-belichick-600Treeveo is passionate about building great leaders with the companies we interact with. As mentioned in part 1 of this series, we have designed our product with a specific leadership framework in mind. Another important piece of our leadership puzzle is known as instrumental leadership. This is the second stage of a framework known as the Full Range Leadership Model (FRLM). This is one of the most widely accepted scientific leadership models in recent decades, and focuses on the dynamics of a well-rounded leader. Without further a due, we present…

Instrumental leadership

This is defined as a class of leadership behavior concerning the enactment of expert knowledge towards the fulfillment of organization-level or task performance. An instrumental leader is made up of the following dimensions:

  • Environmental Monitoring – The capacity of the leader to know how the outside world evolves and interacts with his day -to-day work.
  • Path Goal – The ability to provide resources & remove obstacles in order to help their followers fulfill their goals.
  • Strategy Formulation & Implementation – Making vision specific and assuring it is understood.
  • Outcome Monitoring – The habit of providing feedback on mistakes, helping followers to correct and avoid them.

Instrumental leadership exists when there is creation and implementation of an appropriate strategy, establishment of necessary resources, ample monitoring of external and internal environments, and measurement of outcomes.


Remember when you were on that sports team growing up? One year, I had this particularly intense coach. Practices were never all that fun.  The coach always came prepared with a philosophy, and we were forced to practice until we could execute it perfectly. Everyone on the team was watched closely. When we did something wrong, we would be pulled aside and instructed on how to do it correctly. He also never failed to provided with the right tools and equipment to succeed. The coach wasn’t our best friend throughout the week, but we sure did love him after we beat the other team handily.  And we certainly never had ice cream cones or pizza parties until after the game was over.

The instrumental leader is great at facilitating strategy and creating a vision for execution. Structure and organization are vital for this leader. This is the guy who is capable of reshaping the culture of an organization by getting everyone in alignment. However, this person is often focused on the job at hand, and not the people who are doing the jobs. This leader is no one’s buddy. The people executing the work are disposable when compared to the goal at hand. This means that instrumental leaders, in isolation (not including other variables), are not natural at developing other leaders or building great relationship with those they lead.

This relationship factor will come into play when we discuss the ultimate tier of the FRLM, Transformational Leadership. Learn more about Treeveo and our “State of Leaderhsip in Spain” survey at Treeveo.com.

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