Introducing The Treeveo Template System

01 Oct Introducing The Treeveo Template System

With the relaunch of Treeveo we’ve added a new template system. In this post we will explain the template system and introduce our first external template: “Setting up a distribution center” (DC).  

Distribution Center

In our experience, most projects have already been done before in one-way or another. This means that there are people and resources that can help you…if you know how to find them. And this knowledge could be either inside or outside of your own organization.

Introducing Treeveo Templates

In the new Treeveo, we are building a database of knowledge that can be available to all of our users. We will provide pre-made / pre-screened roadmap templates for common corporate and SME projects. Using these templates, you will be able to more quickly build your project roadmap without having to start from scratch. These templates have been designed and used in real world projects by industry experts, and will provide a clear direction for your team right from the start. To locate our library of template, simply log in to Treeveo (or create an account) and click “browse templates.”

The First template

This week we are publishing our first external template ( It is a roadmap outlining the setup and implementation of a new distribution center (DC). It describes in detail, the different initiatives needed to realize the opening of a new distribution center including the selection of a site, construction, different project stages, vendor selection, IT implementation etc. You can use it as a starting point for your the setup of your own distribution center.

The Author

Logo of Groenewout, creators of first external Treeveo TemplateOur new template was developed by Dutch business consultant Reinoud Pauwels. Setting up new distribution centers is one of the many projects in which Reinoud has a great deal of experience in the logistics arena. Reinoud works for Groenewout (The Netherlands), a consulting firm that specializes in logistics and supply chain management. Reinoud has experience in distribution and manufacturing environments as an operational executive and project manager – specializing in supply chain network design, warehousing, outsourcing, and efficiency improvements.


Reinoud Pauwels, author of first Treeveo external template

Reinoud Pauwels

“What is really important when setting up a new DC is to keep a clear overview of all high level activities for the planning phase on one hand, and to prepare a good progress control of the subtasks for the execution and implementation phase. In complex projects with many stakeholders like the set up of a new DC the use of tools to support this process is an essential part of effective project management”
– according to Reinoud.


Are you an expert?

Do you consider yourself an expert in a field? Have you executed projects in the area of management, strategy, or design that required the tracking of top-line or bottom-line impact? Now you have the chance to showcase your knowledge. We invite you to create a tree in the Treeveo app, and contact us to have it be considered for our templating system.

Jeroen Kemperman

Co-Founder of Treeveo, father of 2, IESE MBA

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