Treeveo Success Story

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€1 million+








The Story


In 2012, A large international manufacturing company purchased a smaller player in their market. After the acquisition, the firm was seeking benefits of the new organizational structure to increase efficiencies and impact EBITDA.

The Goal

To reduce the structure of non-product related costs by 1M+ using the combined purchasing power and exchange of best practices.


The Project


1. Costs were analyzed comparing top and bottom-line figures. This resulted in an initial set of savings initiatives on a department and project level.

2. Targets were set for different savings areas, and initiatives were delegated throughout the organization to 25 managers and employees including purchasing manager, country CIO, controller, CEO, CFO, supply chain director, etc.

3. Project governance was setup including a monthly steering committee to monitor the project’s progress. This steering committee included CEO, CFO, Supply Chain Director, Controller and Treeveo.

The Results


During the first 6 months, more than €500K of savings were realized in an organization that had already undergone 7 years of costs savings projects. The project focused solely on non-product cost, and after one year, 1M+ in savings were secured.

Treeveo Added Value


Treeveo helped clearly identify savings potential and targets for this large international firm. Treeveo allowed for constant tracking of these savings targets, making the progress 100% transparent to all project participants and steering committee. Treeveo’s simple interface reduced “tool resistance“, allowing employees on all levels of the organization to participate. This helped the firm’s internal employees to lead the project, saving on external fees and time in project management and analysis.

“With the help of Treeveo’s platform and support, we were able to identify and manage a cost-reduction program that resulted in positive impact in our P&L” – CEO of  the company .