Treeveo Raises €150K in first “All Saints” investment round in Spain

08 Nov Treeveo Raises €150K in first “All Saints” investment round in Spain

The All Saints round is an innovative way for start-ups to raise funds and attract expertise quickly and efficiently. Today, we at Treeveo are proud to announce that we are closing the first “All Saints” round in Spain raising a total of €150K in funding from “Saints” that bring a total of 100+ years of experience to Treeveo.


Treeveo's Saints

Treeveo’s Saints

Traditionally, start-ups seeking investment in the range of €50K-€250K would do so by approaching one or two business angels. This however, can take a lot of time. Entrepreneurs using the “All Saints” method deliberately seek to raise capital in smaller tickets from a larger number of investors: “The Saints”. The “All Saints” method (which we discovered here) has a number of advantages.

  • First, smaller tickets allow more people to invest. This way the entrepreneurs can cast a wider net when seeking potential “Saints”.
  • Second, a larger number of investors bring a lot more expertise and a wider network to the start-up. The process behind an “All Saints” round is standardized with a simple shareholders agreement that is normally finalized early in the investment process. In our case we were lucky to find very good legal support from Carlos Martinez.
  • The final advantage therefore is…Speed, since smaller investors and a more standardized process result in quicker fundraising. The “All Saints” method of fundraising could be viewed somewhere between crowd-funding and traditional angel investment. Only a few rounds have been made in Europe and Treeveo’s round is the first in Spain.

At Treeveo, we raised €150K from 6 investors in tickets of €25K. The “Saints” supporting Treeveo will each bring distinct expertise and were selected based on their background and potential added value. The “All Saints” round started in August and was completed within two and a half months. It was even oversubscribed. Treeveo’s Saints include people with backgrounds in consulting, banking, media, entrepreneurship and B2B sales. On 7 November Treeveo’s first strategy session took place where the Saints gathered to start defining the strategy of Treeveo bringing together 100+ years of experience in one room.

During the next year, Treeveo will employ the funds raised as well as the expertise of the “Saints” to further develop the platform and launch new sales channels.

Treeveo is a web-based strategy execution platform with clients like Canon España.

Treeveo is grateful that this investment round was managed and supported by Carlos Martinez, Head of M&A-Private Equity of AGM Abogados in Barcelona:

Download the press release (English / Spanish)

Jeroen Kemperman

Co-Founder of Treeveo, father of 2, IESE MBA

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