Into New Atmospheres | Treeveo Relaunch

22 Sep Into New Atmospheres | Treeveo Relaunch

The Treeveo office is always a lively place. But today, it’s buzzing. Why? Because today we are launching the NEW site and app!

Business Accelerator. A businessman launching upwards.We have completely revamped our layout and design. We created the new site with a specific goal: to tell our story, and communicate the power that Treeveo provides for its users. We want visitors to know who we are, what we are passionate about, and how we can provide strength in their corporate execution weakness.

Turning managers into Leaders

During product pilots, we discovered that Treeveo was able to turn everyday office managers and “ordinary” employees into powerful project leaders. By putting this tool in their hands, they were able to effectively promote and cultivate leadership among employees, while simultaneously executing important corporate projects. This discovery has changed our perspective on the core advantage that Treeveo offers to its users, and shifted our focus toward helping organizations develop better leaders.

Leading yourself and your clients

Also, we discovered that Treeveo can add significant value for consulting and professional services firms. When completing a project, they can offer the Treeveo product as an additional deliverable – besides the regular Excel and PowerPoint files. Treeveo allows for a seamless handover, increased engagement the client, and a more intimate relationship between client and services providers. Check our channel partner program if you want to not only lead yourself, but also lead your clients.

Our new logo

Our new logo exemplifies what happens when a community is the given the opportunity to lead. When using Treeveo, any group can focus on reaching the project goal while forming open lines of communication through the cubicles and the corner offices.

Relaunch offer: 2 months pro for free

Not only is the site brand new, but we have completely revamped the web app. Based on valuable feedback from our users and much trial and error, we created a new design that is simple to learn, intuitive to navigate, and beautiful to view in your favorite browser. Treeveo’s new app is already free – because everyone deserves the chance to lead. However, as part of our relaunch, we are now offering the pro version of Treeveo completely free for 2 months to anyone who signs up.

We are fired up! So check it out and let us know what you think.


A big thanks to all those who supported us and gave us feedback. It has been an amazing journey so far!



Jeroen Kemperman

Co-Founder of Treeveo, father of 2, IESE MBA

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