New Template Posted | VCIC Template

29 Oct New Template Posted | VCIC Template

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At Treeveo, we are building a database of knowledge that can be available to all of our users. We will provide pre-made/ pre-screened roadmap templates for common corporate and SME projects. Using these templates, you will be able to more quickly build your project roadmap without having to start from scratch.

The New Template

Our newest template is designed to help with the planning of a Venture Capital Investment Competition. VCIC is a competition that puts a new twist on the idea of raising startup funding and equipping future entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. VCIC has turned into a “virtual venture job fair and marketplace” where 25% of companies receive real funding from real VC’s, and MBA candidates showcase their viability for future funding or employment with firms. These events take place at highly regarded business schools internationally. This year, the Southern European regional final will be held in Barcelona at IESE Business School. Treeveo’s new VCIC roadmap will guide the team through a simple and precise process of planning and hosting this year’s event. The template includes how to prepare participants, logistics, and execution leading up to the event.

The Author

Robert Jelenic is a second year MBA student at IESE and VCIC participant. Robert is organizing the event at IESE Business School in January 2015. He is a former engineer and aspiring entrepreneur in the technology arena. Robert is fascinated by entrepreneurship both from the VC and the startup perspective, and he had this to say about his experiences planning and participating in VCIC:

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"Being able to break complex goals down into actionable pieces and being able to delegate those pieces gives me peace of mind when organizing this event. Treeveo’s intuitive and real-time environment gives me control of my project without the overhead."



Are you an Expert?

Do you consider yourself an expert in a field? Have you executed projects in the area of management, strategy, or design that required the tracking of top-line or bottom-line impact? Now you have the chance to showcase your knowledge. We invite you to create a tree in the Treeveo app, and contact us to have it be considered for our templating system.

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