Welcome to Treeveo, Reyndert!

13 Nov Welcome to Treeveo, Reyndert!


Reyndert Coppelmans.

Today we are introducing our newest team member, Reyndert . He will be heading up our Business Development and Sales team. He brings to the Treeveo team years of experience as an entrepreneur, business developer, and consultant, and has also brought the cold weather to Barcelona from his native Netherlands. He raises the average height in the office by nearly a meter, and enjoys playing volleyball, eating meat, drinking craft beer, and reading.

This week i had a chance to sit down with Reyndert and ask him a few questions about his interests and experiences so far.

Why are you here?

“First and foremost, because I believe in the product. The idea was born out of a practical observation in the strategy workplace. Prior to joining, I have engaged with several strategy consultants and found that Treeveo is valuable. Joining an early-stage startup is risky, but I found that Treeveo solves a real-world problem and the future vision strongly resonates with me and our clients. I feel that we’re actually building something that could sustain itself in the future.”

What has it been like around the office so far?

“Exciting! Working in a startup is amazing. Treeveo has a kickass team in place. Besides many nationalities and a wide variety of skillsets, the optimistic and opportunistic vibe within the team is addictive. We can have fun while planning or structuring our processes, and once you get into a flow it feels like everything works and you’re getting things done.

Working at Treeveo is purely oriented towards results. It doesn’t matter how many calls you make, if you’re not getting things done you’re not adding value. The sole focus on results without any other factors – such as politics – impacting your job performance is a huge motivator that brings out my deepest motivation and makes work not feel like work.”

What are you looking forward to the most about being here?

“I’m genuinely interested in diving into the strategy and leadership field that Treeveo is engaging in. I love to stay on top of innovations and improvements in general, and especially in these related fields. Like I mentioned, Treeveo solves a real-world problem, and I love to help others solve that problem.

Working at Treeveo is an amazing way to develop both the startup and myself. I feel I have seen a bit of what it is like to be an entrepreneur and work at a corporation. I feel that working at Treeveo is the perfect combination of working in a field of my interest, building a product and startup, and having freedom to operate.”


To learn more about Reyndert, check out his LinkedIn, Twitter, or Blog.

To find out more about Treeveo set up an appointment or visit Treeveo.com.

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